Engine rebuild specification, Engine no. TS12629E

Piston & Liner diameter is 87mm

Rear lip oil seal conversion

Mains @ .040”

Bigs @ .050”

Thrusts @ STD/.005”

Bearings manufactured by King

Head is converted to lead free, new guides, new valves, new springs, refaced, valve seats cut, cleaned, crack tested etc.

Also, new chain, tensioner, new cam followers, new camshaft bearings, reprofiled camshaft, new rocker shaft, new rockers.

I have attached a general build sheet to this email so your customer will have an idea of the processes that his engine has gone through.

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Engine rebuild procedure

Below is a general guide to our engine rebuild procedures for a standard “lead-free” overhaul.



Roto-blasted to clean bare metal

Threads checked and repaired as necessary

Crack tested

New valve guides fitted

Valve guides reamed

New exhaust seats fitted (lead-free conversion)

Cylinder head refaced

Inlet valve seats re-cut

Exhaust valve seats cut to appropriate angle

New valves installed

New valve springs fitted

Valve to seat pressure checked

Valves vacuum tested to ensure correct sealing


Stripped (all oil galleries removed, all core plugs removed)

Acid dipped

Ultrasonic cleaned

Wire brushed and checked for damage/cracks

Oil galleries brush cleaned

Threads checked and repaired as necessary

Re-bored to new pistons


Camshaft bearings fitted (where appropriate)

Piston ring gaps checked

New core plugs fitted

New oil gallery plugs fitted



Ultrasonic cleaned

Gallery sludge plugs removed

Threads checked /repaired as necessary

Reground as necessary

Galleries cleaned

New sludge plugs fitted


Acid dipped

Ultrasonic cleaned

Small ends removed (where applicable)

Big end housings checked for size and “round”

New small end bushes fitted (where applicable)

Small ends bored to match gudgeon pin

Rocker shaft:


Rockers and pedestals ultrasonic cleaned

Rockers re-profiled

New rocker bushes fitted (where applicable)

Rocker bushes honed to new rocker shaft

Parts used:

New guides

New valves

New springs

New exhaust seats

New rocker bushes (where applicable)

New pistons

New piston rings

New small end bushes (where applicable)

Re-profiled camshaft

New camshaft followers

New timing chain

New timing chain tensioner

New oil pump (where original unserviceable with new internals)

New oil pressure relief valve

New oil pressure relief spring

New spigot bush (where applicable)

Full head gasket set

Full conversion set

New Front and rear crankshaft oil seals (where applicable)

New big end bearings

New main bearings

New thrust washers

New engine lock tab set

New core plugs

New oil gallery plugs

New camshaft sprocket (where original unserviceable)

New crankshaft sprocket (where original unserviceable)

New big end bolts (where applicable)

New cylinder head nuts (where applicable)


Engine assembled using new gaskets, bearings, pistons and rings, camshaft timing set and tappet clearances set. Oil filled and electronically tested to 700rpm to ensure correct oil pressure, correct oil distribution and correct compression across all cylinders.